Healthy and effective way to lose weight in fall

The human body in high temperature environment, can make the skin deep heat effect, capillary expansion, sweating increased greatly, is conducive to drain the body of a variety of waste, eliminate disease. At the same time, due to the body in a large temperature difference under repeated hot and cold, _ vascular contraction and expansion, exercise physiology, known as vascular gymnastics, can achieve enhanced vascular elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis effect. Through the sauna, the body a lot of sweat consumption of calories, it has a miraculous weight loss. At the same time, the body a lot of perspiration to eliminate subcutaneous dirt, can improve the permeability of epidermal cells, activation of cells, so the sauna also has a skin care, anti-aging effect.

The towel in cold water tap water, twist most of the water, followed by rubbing the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, back, neck, abdomen, chest, rub repeatedly rub each site 10-20 times. In the rubbed repeatedly rubbed in the towel, in order to maintain a certain low temperature and humidity. Cold water can consume most of the heat, and heat is the body of sugar, fat conversion, so the consumption of heat, that is, consumption of sugar and fat, promote sugar and fat metabolism, play a role in weight loss and skin tone beauty.

The principle of this weight-loss method is based on the role of coarse salt with sweating, can be discharged from the body of excess water, and promote skin metabolism, rid the body of waste. Coupled with coarse salt can soften the dirt, add body salt and minerals, so coarse salt can not only help to lose weight, but also allows the skin to become delicate pink, tight. Every day before taking a bath, take a cup of coarse salt with a little hot water, mix into a paste applied to the body will not fall off the extent, then coated on the body you want to thin parts, About 10 minutes after the static, you can also do some massage and then washed away, and then washed with hot water to coarse salt, and then began to take a bath. If your skin is sensitive, can not use the general coarse salt, you can buy a relatively small bath salt to use.

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