How to lose weight for your waist?

Many women do not love sports, it is easy to accumulate the location of fat in the waist and abdomen, while the waist and abdomen fat is a deep fat, to effectively address the need for various aspects, not a single diet and pure exercise, Envy, because it is not easy to have, so it will be particularly envious of all kinds of high waist low waist clothing are Shoudaoqinlai, then how to get rid of the waist fat it?

Before meals eat meals to lose weight, you can make the appetite at dinner when greatly reduced, thereby reducing food intake. Vinegar to drink 15-20 ml of vinegar daily diet, a month there will be gratifying findings. Weight loss is mostly too much water. Melon can diuretic, daily amount of soup with melon to drink.

Swimming for 30 minutes can consume 1100 kJ of heat. Even if people are not in the water, the metabolic rate is still very fast, can consume fat faster than usual. This method is the most scientific, most undeniable. Swimming can not only abdomen, but also shape the entire shape. MM can also be afraid of the cold swimming swim slightly warm water, in order to shape, what is not terrible!

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