Why does keeping starve will get fat reversely?

Eating will make people fat. So many people will be simple and crude to lose weight is equivalent to starvation. In order to lose weight, they eat this Dayton Dayton Dayton, and even three meals a day with fruits and vegetables to kill. However, many cases prove that this method of hunger to lose weight do not fly! You want to rely on hunger to lose weight, everyone knows, hungry will make you more and more fat.

Often starving causes your body to “panic in hunger,” and your body is hungry, and in order to maintain body function, the next time you eat something, they will intelligently “build food” for starvation Time to use. The body often stores energy in this way, over time will form a kind of inertia. When your diet returns to normal, the body habitually hoarding energy will directly lead to obesity.

By hungry you hungry to go part of the fat at the same time, will be hungry to take a lot of muscle. Reduced body mass, basal metabolic rate will decline. Basal metabolic rate, the intake of calories is difficult to consume, the excess heat will be hoarding in the body into fat.