What is the best time to get weight loss in the whole day?

Some people like morning run, bathed in the first ray of sunshine in the morning; some people are keen to see the playground in the evening to see the end of the sunset; more people prefer the green road at night, and the city’s night and meet by chance. When do you choose exercise time? Do you know when to exercise the most weight loss?

After the sun is running the best. Early morning sun did not rise or just rise, plant photosynthesis, oxygen concentration is relatively low, and after a night of urban waste gas accumulation, air quality is relatively poor, it is recommended or after the sun rises again for exercise. In addition, the early morning rise of human yang, yang is still very delicate at this time, Chinese medicine, “moving sun”, the more intense movement of the body more severe yang, but not conducive to yang interest-bearing rest, it is recommended Exercise in the morning to slow movement-based, such as walking, jogging, morning exercises, tai chi, etc., should not strenuous exercise.

In fact, one day in the prime time of exercise for the afternoon 16: 00-17: 00 because most of the day after day-to-day work, the body’s muscle ligaments have been the same sub-movement, heart rate blood pressure stabilized, can be more intense aerobic exercise, Such as running, playing, swimming and so on.

But the afternoon 16: 00-17: 00 is still working hours, when the movement is impossible, therefore, it is recommended to work family can be postponed to 17: 30-18: 30. This time is at the late afternoon stage, the sun has not yet down, still yang order, this time not only to avoid the work of working hours, it will not affect the sun after yang convergence, and no conflict with dinner time, Work family is more appropriate.