New tips on walking to lose weight

There are many kinds of sports that can promote weight loss. To say that simple and practical exercise is no doubt walking. Tennessee personal trainer Hannah Davis said walking not only helps burn calories but also relieves physical stress. When determining their own weight loss goals, may wish to refer to the following kinds of walking.

This figure looks very high, in fact, to achieve this goal is not difficult. Davis recommends walking 15,000 steps a day to lose weight, “do not worry about the slow increase in the number of steps, just go on increasing the number of walking steps like running high – intensity exercise that does not increase physical stress or lead to injury.

Davis said that at least three times a day duration of 20 minutes of walking should help to lose weight. A study by George Washington University found that walking after 15 meals a day for three meals a day was better than 45 minutes of walking at any other time in controlling blood sugar. Stable blood sugar can suppress appetite, prevent the intake of more food.

Treadmills, hills, stairs, etc. can be used for climbing training, to create more muscle, increase the metabolic rate. Davis said that at least three times a week climbing movement, can effectively accelerate the burning of calories, and promote weight loss goals.