The most weight loss way in autumn

Swimming is a systemic exercise, not only can improve your heart and lung function, but also exercise almost all of your muscles, in particular, adhere to the regular intensive training, a few months of effort can make you “reborn.” In the water of the human skeleton has been fully relaxed, you can have the opportunity to “stretch what lazy waist”, which is very good for maintaining the body upright, long body for young people, often insist on swimming exercise can make you grow into a ” tall”.

Swimming when the human metabolism fast, 30 minutes can consume 1100 calories of coke, and this metabolic rate after you leave the water can maintain a period of time, so swimming is an ideal weight loss method. For the relatively thin, swimming but can make weight gain, which is due to the role of swimming for muscle exercise, the increase in muscle size and weight of the results can be said to swim fat people can swim thin, the thin people travel fat, Can let all people have a smooth line.

Because the density of water is about 1,000 times that of air, unlike running, cycling or other common forms of human motion, most of the muscle energy can be converted into forward movement, swimming almost 90% more energy to overcome the liquid Resistance, the natural consumption of calories will be more. However, in order to get a good effect of reducing fat, we swim each time must be as long as 30 minutes.

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