The most weight loss way in autumn

Swimming is a systemic exercise, not only can improve your heart and lung function, but also exercise almost all of your muscles, in particular, adhere to the regular intensive training, a few months of effort can make you “reborn.” In the water of the human skeleton has been fully relaxed, you can have the opportunity to “stretch what lazy waist”, which is very good for maintaining the body upright, long body for young people, often insist on swimming exercise can make you grow into a ” tall”.

Swimming when the human metabolism fast, 30 minutes can consume 1100 calories of coke, and this metabolic rate after you leave the water can maintain a period of time, so swimming is an ideal weight loss method. For the relatively thin, swimming but can make weight gain, which is due to the role of swimming for muscle exercise, the increase in muscle size and weight of the results can be said to swim fat people can swim thin, the thin people travel fat, Can let all people have a smooth line.

Because the density of water is about 1,000 times that of air, unlike running, cycling or other common forms of human motion, most of the muscle energy can be converted into forward movement, swimming almost 90% more energy to overcome the liquid Resistance, the natural consumption of calories will be more. However, in order to get a good effect of reducing fat, we swim each time must be as long as 30 minutes.

Healthy and effective way to lose weight in fall

The human body in high temperature environment, can make the skin deep heat effect, capillary expansion, sweating increased greatly, is conducive to drain the body of a variety of waste, eliminate disease. At the same time, due to the body in a large temperature difference under repeated hot and cold, _ vascular contraction and expansion, exercise physiology, known as vascular gymnastics, can achieve enhanced vascular elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis effect. Through the sauna, the body a lot of sweat consumption of calories, it has a miraculous weight loss. At the same time, the body a lot of perspiration to eliminate subcutaneous dirt, can improve the permeability of epidermal cells, activation of cells, so the sauna also has a skin care, anti-aging effect.

The towel in cold water tap water, twist most of the water, followed by rubbing the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, back, neck, abdomen, chest, rub repeatedly rub each site 10-20 times. In the rubbed repeatedly rubbed in the towel, in order to maintain a certain low temperature and humidity. Cold water can consume most of the heat, and heat is the body of sugar, fat conversion, so the consumption of heat, that is, consumption of sugar and fat, promote sugar and fat metabolism, play a role in weight loss and skin tone beauty.

The principle of this weight-loss method is based on the role of coarse salt with sweating, can be discharged from the body of excess water, and promote skin metabolism, rid the body of waste. Coupled with coarse salt can soften the dirt, add body salt and minerals, so coarse salt can not only help to lose weight, but also allows the skin to become delicate pink, tight. Every day before taking a bath, take a cup of coarse salt with a little hot water, mix into a paste applied to the body will not fall off the extent, then coated on the body you want to thin parts, About 10 minutes after the static, you can also do some massage and then washed away, and then washed with hot water to coarse salt, and then began to take a bath. If your skin is sensitive, can not use the general coarse salt, you can buy a relatively small bath salt to use.

How to lose weight for your waist?

Many women do not love sports, it is easy to accumulate the location of fat in the waist and abdomen, while the waist and abdomen fat is a deep fat, to effectively address the need for various aspects, not a single diet and pure exercise, Envy, because it is not easy to have, so it will be particularly envious of all kinds of high waist low waist clothing are Shoudaoqinlai, then how to get rid of the waist fat it?

Before meals eat meals to lose weight, you can make the appetite at dinner when greatly reduced, thereby reducing food intake. Vinegar to drink 15-20 ml of vinegar daily diet, a month there will be gratifying findings. Weight loss is mostly too much water. Melon can diuretic, daily amount of soup with melon to drink.

Swimming for 30 minutes can consume 1100 kJ of heat. Even if people are not in the water, the metabolic rate is still very fast, can consume fat faster than usual. This method is the most scientific, most undeniable. Swimming can not only abdomen, but also shape the entire shape. MM can also be afraid of the cold swimming swim slightly warm water, in order to shape, what is not terrible!

Why does keeping starve will get fat reversely?

Eating will make people fat. So many people will be simple and crude to lose weight is equivalent to starvation. In order to lose weight, they eat this Dayton Dayton Dayton, and even three meals a day with fruits and vegetables to kill. However, many cases prove that this method of hunger to lose weight do not fly! You want to rely on hunger to lose weight, everyone knows, hungry will make you more and more fat.

Often starving causes your body to “panic in hunger,” and your body is hungry, and in order to maintain body function, the next time you eat something, they will intelligently “build food” for starvation Time to use. The body often stores energy in this way, over time will form a kind of inertia. When your diet returns to normal, the body habitually hoarding energy will directly lead to obesity.

By hungry you hungry to go part of the fat at the same time, will be hungry to take a lot of muscle. Reduced body mass, basal metabolic rate will decline. Basal metabolic rate, the intake of calories is difficult to consume, the excess heat will be hoarding in the body into fat.

What is the best time to get weight loss in the whole day?

Some people like morning run, bathed in the first ray of sunshine in the morning; some people are keen to see the playground in the evening to see the end of the sunset; more people prefer the green road at night, and the city’s night and meet by chance. When do you choose exercise time? Do you know when to exercise the most weight loss?

After the sun is running the best. Early morning sun did not rise or just rise, plant photosynthesis, oxygen concentration is relatively low, and after a night of urban waste gas accumulation, air quality is relatively poor, it is recommended or after the sun rises again for exercise. In addition, the early morning rise of human yang, yang is still very delicate at this time, Chinese medicine, “moving sun”, the more intense movement of the body more severe yang, but not conducive to yang interest-bearing rest, it is recommended Exercise in the morning to slow movement-based, such as walking, jogging, morning exercises, tai chi, etc., should not strenuous exercise.

In fact, one day in the prime time of exercise for the afternoon 16: 00-17: 00 because most of the day after day-to-day work, the body’s muscle ligaments have been the same sub-movement, heart rate blood pressure stabilized, can be more intense aerobic exercise, Such as running, playing, swimming and so on.

But the afternoon 16: 00-17: 00 is still working hours, when the movement is impossible, therefore, it is recommended to work family can be postponed to 17: 30-18: 30. This time is at the late afternoon stage, the sun has not yet down, still yang order, this time not only to avoid the work of working hours, it will not affect the sun after yang convergence, and no conflict with dinner time, Work family is more appropriate.

New tips on walking to lose weight

There are many kinds of sports that can promote weight loss. To say that simple and practical exercise is no doubt walking. Tennessee personal trainer Hannah Davis said walking not only helps burn calories but also relieves physical stress. When determining their own weight loss goals, may wish to refer to the following kinds of walking.

This figure looks very high, in fact, to achieve this goal is not difficult. Davis recommends walking 15,000 steps a day to lose weight, “do not worry about the slow increase in the number of steps, just go on increasing the number of walking steps like running high – intensity exercise that does not increase physical stress or lead to injury.

Davis said that at least three times a day duration of 20 minutes of walking should help to lose weight. A study by George Washington University found that walking after 15 meals a day for three meals a day was better than 45 minutes of walking at any other time in controlling blood sugar. Stable blood sugar can suppress appetite, prevent the intake of more food.

Treadmills, hills, stairs, etc. can be used for climbing training, to create more muscle, increase the metabolic rate. Davis said that at least three times a week climbing movement, can effectively accelerate the burning of calories, and promote weight loss goals.